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Pokey's base power, Astral Projection, allows himself to detach his consciousness from his body and explore the world in an invisible, intangible state. While Pokey won't be using this power for something as ruthless as blackmail yet, it's in his nature to still use it to spy on and gather information about other people with it. This is a permissions post in order to either bow out from the possibility of him spying on your character, or gathering what is permissible.

Permissions Form:
Can Pokey Astrally Spy On Your Character?: Yes or no.
What can Pokey Find Out about Your Character?: What can Pokey find out about your character? What would he observe watching them throughout their usual day? What kind of conversations would he hear or relationships would he find they had?

Important: Pokey can only know information that is immediately presented. He can only learn information about characters that he observes or hears from them as he spies on them. He can't learn information about their past unless they are, for some reason, openly speaking about it. As Pokey is an astral projection, it is possible to imagine he could move in to other gem's rooms to spy on them as he no longer has a physical form in this state (or, more accurately, his physical form is abandoned wherever he was when he began to astrally project) but he can't affect anything in the room. Say, for instance, your character has a journal. Pokey can see they have a journal but he can't look through the journal as he can't affect physical matter (though, theoretically, he could watch as the person flips through their journal and gain information by looking through whatever they're looking at).

Regardless, what are you comfortable with Pokey knowing/learning about your character. Put that here.
Does Your Character Have Any Way to Sense/Block His Astral Form?: Astral Projection could fall under being either a magical/psychic power. If your character has some way to sense/block that kind of power, they might have a chance of doing so here.
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Pokey Minch
CONTACT INFORMATION nathander on plurk; e-mail - rutledgejames35@gmail.com
CHARACTER NAME Pokey Minch ([personal profile] ceasetoexist, Earthbound/Mother 2 - Mayfield CRAU)
Age 15
Gem Barite
Permissions I'm pretty cool with anything, just if it's something major, please let me know and plan before hand.
NOTES Extra stuff goes here
☆ Astral Projection
☆ Chimera Creation
☆ Crystalline Spider Legs
☆ Item Creation

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Hello Cosmographia, my name is James and I've had an eye on the game for a bit now. In celebration of my arrival, Ive brought this delightful friend, Pokey Minch from the game Earthbound/Mother 2. Pokey is a mean, selfish, cunning boy who may not have had experience in being an alien before, but he's sure had experience in betraying his own world to one. As you can tell, he's a pretty trustworthy buddy.

Lucky for you, the kid went through about two and half years of development in Mayfield, which has ended up tempering him from canon a lot. He's turned from a pretty hard Neutral Evil alignment to a strong just Neutral. He's still a massive asshole, but he is, at times, at least willing to use his incredible powers of lying and being a con man for...Y'know, as much as they can be used for the good of others. He actually developed a sense of empathy and all it took was dying six times and being a clone of Pokey Minch instead of the little monster himself.

Anyhoo, Pokey's gem is barite and his power is Astral Projection. You can contact and find me on plurk as nathander (I will...provide an actual link when I get home.)
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Player Name: James
Player Journal: [personal profile] truebluehorror
Age: 27
Contact: plurk @ nathander
Characters Played: Surprise, Jappleack/Applejack

Name: Pokey Minch
Canon: Mother Series/Earthbouhd (Mother 2)
OU/AU/OC: AU (imported from the end of [community profile] mayfield_rpg
Canon Point: Directly after the end of Earthbound/Mother 2
Canon History - http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/Pokey_Minch
Game History -
During the two years Pokey was stuck in Mayfield he underwent several changes. Most you could say was, in fact personal growth and for the better, no matter how much he may have resisted it at the beginning. When he first arrived in Mayfield Pokey attempted to do what he’d always done; cause hell and try to establish himself as a top dog among the people there. Predictably this was meant with the same result it was always met with: failure. Perhaps even more embarrassing failure than usual since all his normal means of trying to show himself as better than everyone else and to inspire fear, such as his mech, his robots, and his weaponry, had been taken away from him. For the first time since he had started serving Giygas, since he had been at home in Onett, Pokey was entirely without protection again. He was nothing but a fat little jackass with a bad attitude and no one or thing to protect him.

In order to protect himself Pokey started looking for the groups around the town to try and align himself with. He didn’t intend to have any loyalty to whatever group he chose, of course; he’d just stick around as long as the group could prove it could protect him. Eventually after a few false starts (and one that ended up just becoming a partnership of sorts) Pokey found a group. Or rather, the group found him. Known as the KND, it was started by a group of kids who in their own world fought against adult “tyranny” and in Mayfield were working to try and protect the kids who were stuck there while increasing their ranks by training those kids. It would work well enough; since the group would protect most kids, Pokey thought it would be easy to take advantage on. What he hadn’t counted on was the fact that he would actually be asked to join the group by a member of the KND, a girl named Frances Fullbright, or Numbah 86.

It was an altogether new sensation for Pokey. He had never been asked to join a group by other kids before; considering his (well earned) reputation as a bully and jerk in Onett, he’d had only one friend there and he considered Ness’ offer of friendship to (erroneously) be one based off of pity instead of actual kindness and friendship. To have someone he didn’t even know reach out to him and offer him to be part of a group when the only other time he had felt such an offer was sincere was when it came from a psychotic, racist alien entity that wanted to subjugate all human life was a bit of a shock for Pokey. He had never put trust in people before and, truth be told, still wasn’t quite yet at first. But this simple offer was the first thing to set him on a path to putting trust in people, even if it would only ever be a select few.

The other event that would help shape Pokey in Mayfield was meeting a boy from his future named Lucas. Lucas came from far in the future in a world that Pokey would take over and, in the end, try and destroy. Lucas would suffer many hardships thank to the cruelty and insanity Pokey would possess in the future under the moniker of the tyrannical King P, or the Pig King. The two meeting in Mayfield was not exactly easy at first; Pokey was immediately suspicious of someone he had never met who seemed to know him, and Lucas was determined that this Pokey wouldn’t become the Pig King. Lucas wanted Pokey to find out what friendship and love were and, while Lucas didn’t think he could ever show that to Pokey after all he had done (or rather would do) to his family and world, Lucas intended to try and help Pokey realize that things like friendship and love did exist.

It would be a hard task. But at the same time, the first year of captivity would be a trying one, but also a year full of lessons. Pokey would die three times before the first year was done and, in doing so, learn how painful what he desired to befall so many people was. Being put in a neighborhood and world where people didn’t know him and hate him for his family’s reputation, on the other hand, gave Pokey the chance to actually associate and speak with people in a way that wasn’t hostile, a pleasure he hadn’t really known before. Here, in this town that was a prison Pokey was given the chance to actually form relationships. To find friendships, and lose them, and learn what actual pain was. Within the span of his first year, very difficultly and begrudgingly, Pokey would end up admitting that he was wrong and Lucas was right: friendship and love existed.

The next year would be an extension of the first: having admitted friendship and love existed Pokey found himself building on that notion by learning how to react to friendship and love. It wasn’t an easy process for a stubborn, mean spirited boy like himself and truth be told by the end of it all he still isn’t great at it. Still, Pokey wasn’t the exact little hate-filled monster he had been. He’d formed a very strong bond with a “boy” named Lil Slugger, in actuality a monster that fed on negative human emotions. What had started as a hatred between the two of them began to develop into a rivalry, then into a friendly period of joshing one another, until it grew and grew. The two began to depend on each other and, in fact, become best friends, a title Pokey had previously only used to take advantage of his neighbor Ness’ kindness. It was this friendship, the fact that Pokey had formed it in the end, that finally proved Pokey had done something previously unimaginable for him: he’d learned friendship, and through it compassion and concern in how he found he could come to worry about Slugger.

In the end, Pokey had changed. He’s changing still. But some things will never change about him. His mean-spirited temperament and cruelty are too far a part of him, something too ingrained in him when he was being raised, to be gotten rid of. Pokey’s still a snobbish, mean little asshole. But the difference has become that he’s learned affection, and he’s learned to trust, and most importantly he’s learned to love and he’s learned all the pain that comes with those things. They’re good traits that he only expresses to a few people and only to those who’ve earned his trust, but that are expressed all the same. And not only that, but it’s now possible for his trust to be earned, although it’s still something hard earned.

On the other hand, Pokey has had an increase in self-loathing thanks to his trip to Mayfield. What Pokey had always done had been a means of inflating his ego, and when he realized just how wrong he had been his defense mechanism collapsed. While he still utilizes his one-upmanship and tendency to grandstand, it comes off as more personally hollow for him for now on. The trade-off, in a way, is that while Pokey has learned a respect for other life and the values of friendship, he’s come to see less and less value in himself. He’s become self-sacrificing for people he cares about, but rarely in a good way. While he may want to genuinely protect the people he cares about, it’d be a lie to say part of the sentiment isn’t “better me than them” due to viewing himself as worthless in comparison to the others he knows. Death, one of the things Pokey had once feared, has become one of the things he fears the least now due to having died as many times in Mayfield as he has (six in total) and his own perceived idea of being worthless. In the end, if something goes right for Pokey, something has to be traded to keep
the equilibrium of crappiness in place.

Things change, and are the same as they ever were.

If you went through all the dictionaries in the world, and looked up the word “brat”, at least one would have the have the statement “see POKEY MINCH”.

Pokey is, to put it in the shortest way possible, a version of “that kid”. You probably knew “that kid” during your elementary and middle school days, because you tried as best as you could to avoid “that kid”. That’s because “that kid” was generally socially inept in one of many distinct ways. In Pokey’s case, it’s because he’s loud and obnoxious, usually in a self-serving manner. He tends to poke his nose into everyone’s business when given the chance, and if something about that business should interest him, he won’t shut up or back off on it. Pokey also has the bad habit of being clingy to his “friends”. And, by friends, it’s meant people who will tolerate him or have the goodwill to actually bother giving him a chance to show there’s something worthwhile about himself. Unfortunately, because he’s “that kid”, this also means Pokey is also one of the universes’ biggest buttmonkeys, and he’ll almost always let down the people who give him a chance due to his own incompetence/inability to work with other people or show he has any ability to connect or deal with them. Really, that’s what you’d get out of Pokey Minch at first glance: “that kid” you always tried so hard to ignore because he was overbearing, socially pathetic, and clumsy and unlikeable.

Thing is, that’s but a surface glance at who Pokey Minch is. Underneath the socially inept, bratty exterior lies the mind of a fairly cruel, self-serving schemer and opportunist. Truth be told, there’s only one person Pokey openly looks out for (despite debatably at times his younger brother Picky), and that’s Pokey Minch. Most things Pokey does, he does because he believes he can benefit from it. Pokey is willing and capable of lying and weaseling to others to try and put himself in the best position possible at the moment. And, for all his usual social faults, Pokey is a rather accomplished liar, at least most of the time. If there’s anything Pokey is truly a master at, it’s lying and creating tall tales in order to try and capitalize on his current position and get out of trouble.

Which isn’t entirely fair. Truth be told, Pokey is fairly intelligent for a boy his age, although it doesn’t show that often despite his constant boasting about it. Pokey is capable, at times, of crafting fairly cunning schemes and plans, as well as setting up back-up plans. During the course of the game, Pokey displays the fact that he’s rather intelligent and a skilled liar/schemer in two instances. The first is his involvement with The Happy Happyists, a cult that wants to turn everything blue (due largely in part to the influence of Giygas, an alien overlord Pokey chose to side with). In this instance, Pokey was able to impress the cult’s leader, Mr. Carpainter, enough that Pokey was given the title and authority of a high priest within the cult. A second time was in the city of Fourside, where Pokey and his father Alyosious were found working for an entrepreneur in the city named Mr. Monotelli. In many ways, this shows that Pokey’s father was taking advantage of his son’s skill/intelligence (and, most likely unbeknownst to Pokey’s father, the aid Pokey was also receiving from Giygas) for his own personal gain.

There are also a few instances where Pokey shows he has a minor knack for technology. While far from being the biggest genius ever, Pokey displayed that he was apparently capable of flying a helicopter as a means of escape from Fourside after his plans failed without having any previous experience doing such. Of course, he ended up also crashing the helicopter in mire of the Deep Darkness after it ran out of fuel due to his own negligence, but that’s another story. Another example of this apparent knack and ability to easily work with mechanical devices/crafts is near the end of the game, where Pokey shows up in a newly gotten spider-mech to help Giygas in stopping the Chosen Four, the heroes of the game. Pokey is able to pilot the mech with quite a bit of proficiency, which is impressive considering it was supposedly the first time he’d used it. It implies, in a way, that while Pokey may struggle to make something himself, he seems to very easily figure out how something works once he actually gets his hands on it. If he actually had the willpower or the drive to make, he possibly could, but the fact that he doesn't himself continues to display some of his worse traits: namely the fact that he's lazy and a thief.

Despite being intelligent, clever, and somewhat talented, Pokey has something massive holding him back. Unsurprisingly, it’s the other half of his personality. And this part truly does fall in line with the “that kid” description that he appeared to be on the surface, although a darker reflection of it. Like “that kid”, Pokey desperately wants to be noticed, and he’ll go to any means necessary to get attention from others. This is a good deal of his reasoning for the behavior he displays. While he’d love for people to like him, if he can’t get that he’ll accept fear and hatred as an alternative as long as someone is paying attention to him and what he’s doing. Pokey craves attention, and it doesn’t particularly matter if what he ultimately gets is good attention or not as long as he gets it. More often then not, the attention he gets is negative due to his behavior. The loud and obnoxious front isn’t really a front at all, but genuinely a part of who he is. Part of him honestly thinks he is as great as he says he is, and wants to force others to acknowledge just how amazing he is. And if someone disagrees with him, either on his perception of himself or anything else, they’re dead wrong. It is just utterly inconceivable to Pokey that he may not be right about something.

He also, unsurprisingly, has quite the temper. If people disagree with Pokey enough, or refuse to give in to what he wants or believe him, he’s prone to flying into temper tantrums. Occasionally these can escalate to the point of flat out and out screaming and, in severe cases, him deciding to break something. The fact that he’s more then capable of getting physically violent when things don’t go his way isn’t surprising, as one of the main role models he had in his life was his father, who’s implied to have been a relatively violent man. And this, in and of itself, has created a small love of destruction in Pokey. When he’s angry, there really isn’t anything that makes him happier then smashing something in order to relieve his anger.

Pokey is also rather cynical for a child his age, most likely due to the way he was raised. For instance, when Ness, the hero of the story and Pokey’s neighbor/”best friend” is initially told about Giygas’ approach and that Ness and his friends will have to be the one to defeat Giygas, Pokey immediately backs down from the possibility of being one of the people to help facilitate this, proclaiming that something as powerful as Giygas could never be beaten and that fighting against it would be pointless. Thus, in the face of a great enough adversity, Pokey is more likely to back down from the challenge then to try and work against it. Or, in Pokey’s case, he also ultimately chose to work with what he perceived to be the far stronger force. At some point, most likely shortly after Ness had chosen to go and fight Giygas, Giygas offered Pokey the chance to work as Giygas’ right hand, which Pokey accepted, both as a means to get back at the people who he had perceived had wronged him (which it turns out was just about everyone) and as a means, most likely, to protect himself. Pokey is also capable of being fairly cruel. He can be short and callous in conversations, as well as insulting if he thinks the situation calls for it, which is most times. He has no problem letting others take the fall for him if given the chance to make that happen, and he seems to possess very little empathy in regards to hurting others. In canon, he’s done things such as kidnapping, and gone so far as to try and destroy the planet.

Along with everything else, Pokey also demonstrates a childish view of moral issues, such as good and evil. If Pokey gets the idea of morally gray, he doesn’t show it, and believes most things to be a case of good guys versus bad guys, with himself planted firmly in the side of the bad guy. In a way, he also views this idea of “good guys vs. bad guys” as a game as much as it is a real struggle. Throughout much of Earthbound, he approaches a lot of what he does as both serious and yet frivolous. Pokey appears to understand that what he’s doing is wrong, but doesn’t see any need to stop it because it’s A) fun and B) he clearly expects everyone else is impressed and having fun as well, and if they’re not they’re babies. He completely misses just how severe what he’s doing is, at least while he’s doing it. At the same time? Perhaps part of him realized Ness was going to win in the end, like he always did in their other games, and thus felt like there was no problem behaving the way he did because he was going to lose anyway, and therefore there was no harm in what he did. And in the end, maybe that’s all it amounted to to Pokey: yet another game between him and Ness. Although, all things considered with what was going on? That’s doubtful.

Despite his cruelty, his self-serving obnoxiousness, and his childishness, there is one last layer below that that shows who Pokey really is. Deep down, Pokey is an extraordinarily lonely, sad, and frightened boy. While his family was well-off financially for the most part, his mother was primarily negligent and his father abusive. Much of what Pokey does and the way he behaves he arguably does as a self-defense mechanism. This would explain why he would immediately bow before things that seem stronger then him: it’s essentially his way of saying “please don’t hit me”. Of course, Pokey can’t let others know just how weak he is at his core, so he does his best to dress it up and hide it from everyone else, which accounts for much of his outward behavior. This is hardly to say Pokey doesn’t mean the way he behaves, but there’s a very specific reason for why he behaves that way. In many ways, his behavior is the reactions of a weak little boy flailing and trying to keep himself safe. He doesn’t want to be the way he is, and deep down he doesn’t like the way he is, but that way is simply who he is, and he’ll work with it and be it, because it does work for him. Kinda.

And really, in the end? What choice does he have. No one would like him anyway.

For Pokey’s personality in Mayfield, see his game history. The important parts that have been changed and have developed during his two and a half-years in game have been noted.

For a boy his age, Pokey is remarkably smart and cunning. Thanks in part to Giygas' influence and his own gifts and, to a degree, what one could arguably call "charisma", Pokey has the ability to be a smooth talker. He's also a gifted (though not always successful) schemer. He also has an unnatural affinity for technology and machines. While not a fantastic inventor on his own, he is skilled at being a kind of technological chameleon in that he can easily learn and utilize, as well as build and work on, new technology he's introduced to.

Alongside this is his apparent skill with finances and business. Considering his natural ruthlessness, coupled with his intelligence, Pokey proved himself to be a decent business analyst, a skill his father happily exploited. However, this part shouldn't be focused on too much, as part of this may have been due to corrupting influence of Giygas.

Alongside this it's worth mentioning that Pokey was granted "administrative powers" at the end of the game. These powers were given to everyone who survived Mayfield until the end of the game. For the most part, these powers were meant to help them maintain the new town they were given: restructuring the town and repairing buildings and injuries done to characters, as well as being able to make items and material out of nothing in order to help around the town. The nature of these powers seem to be tied both specifically to the town, but also seem to have been made part of the nature of those characters who gained them. While the town restructuring or healing of sickness/injury is unlikely to cross over, the material/item creation may be capable of carrying over. In this case, the ability can only be used five times per day, and is dependent on how big/much the items being made are. For instance, if Pokey made something big with his first use, everything next would have to be smaller.

It isn't necessarily a given this power could be carried over, but it is as much a fact of Pokey's nature as a construct of the town alongside being in the town itself.

Pokey, at heart, is a coward. Canonically this meant that Pokey was number one and all things came second in comparison to Pokey. A fight that he's losing is a fight not worth continuing, and if he can find some way to cheat in it, cheating is always the way to go. To fight and run away is pretty good; to fight, run away, and still find some way to inconvenience others around you still, even better. This cowardice ties in with Pokey's inherent selfishness and general inability to empathize with others. Pokey's thought process, especially pre-Mayfield, is close to that of a sociopath; he has no ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of others. In some parts this could just be seen as his immaturity, but his inability to even care about the thoughts and feelings of others attests to his blooming sociopathy as well.

Post-Mayfield, Pokey isn't as sociopathic. He's capable of caring about others, although this caring extends only to a select group of people, and not caring about the general good of all. He's still self-absorbed, selfish, and rude, but he'd at least go to some lengths to protect those few he actually cares about.

Another thing Mayfield had taught him was that life is cheap. While Pokey had been well on his way to learning this in regards to others, his time in Mayfield subverted this. Miraculously, the boy was taught that there is such a thing as going too far, and such a thing as sanctity of life. Unfortunately, it changed it so that Pokey began to view his own life as having little value, both in the self-loathing he developed as he came to recognize the meaning of his own actions, as well as the fact that he had managed to die six times throughout his stay. Death is unimportant because death is not lasting; his death is not important because of all he has done and will do.

His business suit, a four leaf clover pin, a small handmade comic book, and a small, 'toy' gun made out of a mustard bottle

Pony/Animal Type:
Dragon. Specifically, a baby dragon about Spike's size with black as his major scale color and red as his skin/minor color.

Cutie Mark:
A dragon has no need of a cutie mark!

Pony Picture:


First Person:
Dear Mun Post

Third Person:
Test Drive Post
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As Pokey is coming from a game he had been in for nearly three years, he ended up meeting quite a few people and developing relationships - some minor, some large - with them as time went on. A list of the people he had met that are also in the Tower are as follows

- Edward Richtofen
- Laharl
- Rika Furude
- Dave Strider
- Feferi Peixes
- Jade Harley
- Karkat Vantas
- Eridan Ampora
- Bernkastel
- Remilia Scarlet
- Kyrie Ushiromiya

As it stands with his current personality, Pokey is unlikely to use any of the knowledge he has previously about these characters, nor reveal it. He probably won't be open in the fact that he knew them, though he may end up trying to talk to the regardless of this though with little hope of re-establishing the relationships he had with alternate versions of them.

If you would like to avoid contact with Pokey, feel free to send me a private message. Thank you.
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1x Red and Black striped suit
1x Plastic Four Leaf Clover Pin
1x Comic book, apparently drawn and clipped out of magazines by a child his age
1x A mustard bottle with a gun handle and trigger attached (a M.U.S.K.E.T.
1x Paper Crane, neatly folded
1x Journal
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"Yeah yeah blah blah this is Pokey leave me a message I guess."
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[Phone - Filtered away from Black Mage]


So, you know. I could shout and scream and rant at how people got suckered in by the town again, how I got suckered in again, how everyone got suckered in again by the town, but you know what? I actually have something more important to talk about.

Look. I dunno how many of you idiots heard, but there's a little kid here named Mindy. And, being a little kid, she thought she could fix everything by asking everyone coming together under the stupid Christmas Tree this town put up. She's just a kid, like eight or something, and so she thinks like a kid. And you know? As dumb as thinking that young is...she shouldn't have had what happened.

For those of you not in the know, some psycho killed her yesterday apparently and hung her corpse on the Christmas Tree. I don't know for sure, but I have a pretty good idea who that was, and if you'd like to have a talk with him I don't mind giving you a name and address for him.

...But she shouldn't have had what happened to her happen. Not even here, where half of us are psycho in some way anyway. A lot of us deserve to be here but she...she doesn't.

I'm not going to give her address out, not to most but...I guess what I'm asking is, if there's any chance I can get people to agree to maybe, I dunno, give her something small, like even a Christmas card or something I could give to her...I'd give it to her. The kid deserves at least that much for this bullcrap. She actually deserves a Christmas.

And you know? For what it's worth, even though I said I wasn't going to do it?

It was us the entire time. We weren't fakes. The town lied.


[Phone - Filtered to Picky]

Where. Are. You? Are you at home? You better be, and you better be safe, because I'm coming over, got it?

[Action - Locked to 945 Beulah]

[Hey folks living at 945? There's a blue-skinned, twelve-year old boy knocking at your door, a Christmas package under his arm. He kind of has a gift for his little friend, and he's damned determined to get it to her and see how she is.]

[Action - Around Town]

[Pokey can be found slowly walking around town, a large spider-mech following him. What used to be commonplace until September has only now started up again, but whereas he used to ride on the mech with gleeful abandon, destroying and smashing anything in front of him for fun, right now the walk is....calm. Like a boy having his dog, who had been sick for a while and was just now recovering, very slowly follow him.

Pokey had been pushing Josephine to her limits the last few days. Now he felt he just needed to let her recuperate. And as she follows, he says small words of encouragement.]

That's it. Just a little more girl. That's good...

[There are few things a boy has more love for than his dog, even if his dog is a giant, monstrous mech.]
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[Action; Locked to 502 Ricardo]

[Well. Someone's pissy and annoyed after last night's dream. And because of that? Pokey is loud as hell as he gets up and storms off to the kitchen, somehow making a mess as he prepares a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Just fuming.]


Oh wow you morons put two and two together. Guess what? The town is probably brainwashing you idiots into thinking people aren't here. Whatever we were promised, we didn't get zip. I can't speak for anyone else but, uh, I'm legit. So stop running around like morons acting like anyone here is a clone or something.

[Action, Around Town]

[Pokey is busing running around like a moron, trying to search out the people he knows and see who was or wasn't replaced. So far? He isn't happy about the results, and he's busy hustling through the streets pushing over anyone in his way to see who's still here.

Picky? Slugger? Yeah, he'll also be heading for both your houses soon.]

[OOC: Pokey's been erased, so he'll seem like one of those doppelgangers yep.]

58 - Phone

Nov. 29th, 2011 02:41 am
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I lived through it. All of it.

I guess when I first got here I would have said that to brag, but now I guess I want to say....I dunno. That if that's their worst? It can still be beaten.

God. I don't know. I suck at being all "blah blah hope blah blah it'll be fine" since it's usually bullcrap. But I guess I'm just saying. What happened sucked, but it's not like...the most hopeless thing ever.

They're scared. That's what I think. It's why they went this far. I dunno if we're on to something but we must have done something right to make them do something that drastic.

Because you know what I think? They're demanding we be thankful? They need us to. I don't know why yet, but it's necessary for whatever system they've got going on. Think about it. The demand for conformity, the droning to what's desired if we don't. They need us to be here and act a specific way, because if we don't....well, I dunno. I think that it's that if we exist here for long enough, not doing what they want? We compromise their system. They need us to behave a certain way or something doesn't stick, or the stability of this place'll start going off, or something.

That's what I think.

Hey. Idiots. And I'm pretty sure you know which ones I'm talking to? Not that I care or anything, but call me if you can, y'know, manage to use the phone.
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[Action - Locked to 502 Ricardo Street]

[Hey housemates. Hope none of you are wanting that turkey because the moment Pokey sees it? Yeah, he's going to be starting a fire in the fireplace and bringing the turkey with him. If you're fast enough and want to stop him, you can try to before he goes ahead and pitches the turkey into the fire.]


Hey idiots, everyone else is doing a pretty good job pointing out how this is a trap so, hey, guess that means you don't need more voices shouting it at you. I got a different question.

I'm not giving specifics about it over the phone but....is it...

[There's a pause, and a sigh, before Pokey continues in a mumble.]

Is it....wrong...to be thankful for being here?

[Action - Outside 501 Ricardo]

[Welp. He has no clue why he's doing this. Really, Pokey just doesn't want to admit it over the phone. But the asshole responsible for him being here lives right next to him. And really, this wouldn't be the first time he's ranted outside her house. Just the first time he's done it like this.]

You can bite me. Seriously. Originally I guess I would have told you that just for putting me in this hole, but since then you've given me a lot of extra reasons to tell you it too. You're a real piece of garbage, you know that you freak?

[He pauses, just staring at the house before looking at the ground.]

But on the other hand? ...I've never been happier than I have been here. Even when it's sucked, it sucked as hard as it did because things weren't bad before. Because they were, in fact, awesome as far as things for me go. The best they had ever been. And I wonder, sometimes, if you brought him here to help keep me happy. As a bribe, I guess, not because I'm important but just because you could. Doesn't matter in the end really. I'm not losing sleep over it.

...And I guess, here...I learned things about myself I really didn't want to. And...you know how they say growing up sucks? Yeah, it does. Even harder than I thought it would.

But I did it. And I realize I only did it because I'm here.


[Pokeys' hands bawl up into little fists.]

I am. I'm thankful for being here. For you bringing me here.

[And God.

Does he ever hate that.]
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Oh hey it isn't drama for once )

[Action - 502 Ricardo]

[School? Screw that. Pokey still had something important to do considering his spider mech was still practically sprawled out across the yard. It had gotten repaired some, but really being blown apart with thunder magic will do that to a robot.

But it was coming along. Over the last two months of repairs, there was some small, but noticeable, progress as the mech was slowly repaired. Which still didn't mean to slow down. Right now, Pokey's busy tinkering away on it in the front yard, a small robot scampering around to go and get tools for him when he asks for them. When the robot isn't busy tripping over it's own feet.

Or when the robot isn't running around sporadically from fear as Pokey yells at it for doing something that displeases him, just barely dodging tools as Pokey throws them at it. Either or.]

[Action - Bowling Alley]

[Pokey always thought bowling was a pretty dumb sport. After all, I mean you throw a ball and knock down pins, nothing special about that. Still, he decided he might as well try it out for once, for shits and giggles.

And actually found it pretty good for stress relief. He's really gotten into it.

At the same time, most people usually roll the balls instead of, you know, hefting it up and tossing it. They also generally stick to their own lanes, though that's something Pokey doesn't particularly give a good goddamn about that.

Yeah. Enjoy the fat kid ruining your game.]


So, okay, I've got an awesome plan, but I need to know something first.

Anyone got a TV I can hook a Super Nintendo up to? Because I need to know that before I even bother. You let me borrow your TV and, hey, I might even let you play some.

For. You know. Like maybe a half hour or something.
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Exposition Under Cut )

[Action - Mayfield High]

[Seeing Pokey bother to attend school isn't particularly odd. He plays hooky often, but he'd still show up. Usually to be obnoxious to the teachers or other students, or to pointlessly end up just falling asleep in classes.

Today? He's unusually polite. The teachers will find he's incredibly attentive, answers questions correctly and without screwing around, and sits quietly, doing absolutely nothing disruptive. For the moment? He could be an ideal student.

At lunch, he sits by himself. Which isn't out of the ordinary either. He'd usually try and sit by himself. But this time? He's tucked himself away in one of the further corners of the lunchroom, like he's trying to hide.]

[Action - Library]

[There's a boy going through each one of the books he can find. He takes one down, reads it for a little bit, and then puts it back. He does this repeatedly, methodically, almost instictively.

Sometimes, he seems to shift his glances to a certain area of the library: a specific table, or spot on the floor. And just stares for a minute or two, not noticing anything else going on around him. After a moment of this weird staring, he returns to the book he has in hand.]

[Action - Park]

[Pokey paces around the park. There's no real pattern to his exact movements, but he does seem to gravitate towards certain spots that he walks over to again and again and again. He mumbles to himself sometimes, low and usually inaudible. Sometimes it sounds like he's just grumbling. Other times, it sounds like he's imitating something someone has said to him. And others? It just sounds like he's talking to himself, saying things, mulling over things, that don't really make sense to anyone but him.

Sometimes he picks up a branch from the ground and swishes it around aimlessly, not particularly caring if he hits someone or not.

He isn't here right now.]

[Action - 502 Ricardo]

[Pokey can be found sitting at the table, studying. Not goofing off. Not having put something else in his actual textbook and reading that instead. Genuine studying and doing the homework he's been assigned, not making a single noise or distraction. Just being a good little student.

The trashcan in the kitchen seems to have been filled up, mainly with notebook paper and graph paper, detailing designs of odd little devices Pokey had thought up on his spare time. Detailing notes and ideas he had had about the town.

There was no point in keeping them. He didn't really need them any more.]
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[To say that Pokey had been feeling small since the conversations he'd had with the pod people on Tuesday wouldn't be an exaggeration. When it got to the point where he actually thought things seemed bigger? That was a bit much.

It didn't help that things seemed to be getting bigger throughout the entire day, either.]

[Action; 502 Ricardo Street]

[A slowly, increasingly shorter Pokey can be found wandering around the house early today. At first, he seems to be looking for, and gathering, a bunch of materials around the house: a couple of the chairs, a saw, some lengths of thin rope and glue. Every so often, he goes against a wall where he's been marking his height, making sure that he actually is shrinking. Each time he's found he's decreased an inch or two, he just stares at the wall. Hesitant. Uncertain.

Eventually, he can be found in the garage, cutting the legs off the chairs and measuring them before trying to tie them together. From the looks of it, he appears to be attempting to make a pair of make-shift stilts. Because that, of course, would be a practical solution to this.]

[Action; Around Town]

[By this point, Pokey is about the size of a four year old, and getting progressively smaller. This has not been a good week by any stretch of the imagination, and this? Is just making matters worse.

So have a pint-sized Pokey angrily stomping through the streets. It's clearly the town's fault that things are this bad and, so clearly, he needs to take his anger out on anything he can find that isn't another person. Be it something you have on your lawn, or your car, or your mailbox, or just tipping and kicking your trashcan down, spreading all that crap throughout the yard. He doesn't care. He's been good lately, and he needs this.

And besides. At least his size matches his temper, for once.]

[Action 2; Around Town]

[By this point, Pokey is finally only one inch tall.

And has managed to climb up your mailbox, one of the drone!cats having followed him, apparently waiting for him on the ground. Being a drone!animal, the cat won't kill him of course, but it still scared the hell out of Pokey and caused him to seek sanctuary on your mailbox.

And of course, he's still taunting and make faces at the stupid cat. Although it's fairly hard to see.]

[Action; The Park]

[By this point, night has fallen and, reserved to his fate of being only an inch tall for at least the rest of the day, Pokey had managed to make it to one of the few places he actually likes in town. He can't fully explain as to why he likes the park, he just does.

And so, the one-inch jerk managed to climb on to the bench. And just sat there for a moment. And begins to speak. By this point, his voice is so light most people wouldn't be able to hear him. Unless they were also an inch tall and happened to be there, or there sense of hearing was good enough to hear such a small noise.

He's kind of counting on not being heard for what he has to say, after all.]

In which a boy rambles pointlessly to someone long droned )
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[The day after this delightful exchange, Pokey is understandably kind of on edge. And, being Pokey, he deals with that as well as one could expect.

Which is to say, extraordinarily poorly.]

Action - 502 Ricardo
[Hey not!family. Today you'll find Pokey searching and rummaging through every square inch in and around outside the house. And I mean every square inch. He is, quite paranoidly, looking in every cupboard, out every window, in every closet, and pretty much going everywhere he can in the house, searching. Whatever he's searching for, he doesn't seem particularly content with the results.

Which is why he's also searching around everywhere outside.

Over. And over. And over again. Just going over everything repeatedly, as if expecting something to pop out at him each time or something different to happen.]

Phone - Filtered from Black Mage

So. Alright.

Let's say you have pretty ample suspicion that someone is spying on and/or stalking you. Anyone got any good ideas on, you know, how to avoid it or catch the guy doing it? Like, you've never seen the person stalking you before for certain, but you know they're there?

I mean. Not that I have a problem. It's just kind of a question of interest.

Phone - Filtered to Slugger

The jerkwad knows my name and where I live and who I know.


Phone - Filtered to Mindy

Hey. Hey squirt. I really, really need you to answer this if you here me.

I need to know. Are you the only non-drone in your house?
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So, y'know? A bunch of people are babbling about yet another stupid dance, but forgetting what's most important about this month.

Halloween. The single best holiday ever.

Which leads me to ask: does anyone actually have anything planned for it? Last year's kinda sucked, but maybe we'll get lucky and crap won't go insane this year. So let's do some kind of widespread party, or make a haunted house or something. It's the one time of year actually worth anything, so hey! Let's do something, you nerds.

[[It's odd. For once, he actually sounds excited about something.]

[Halloween is a remarkably big thing for Pokey. In a lot of ways, it's one arguably one of the few things that goes in his list of "things that make me happy". And so, even though he has until the end of the month, he clearly needs to prepare for it now. Especially after how everything went to hell in October last year, getting ready early couldn't hurt. So Pokey can be found around town doing a few things today.]

A. The Comic Shop

[One of the most important things about Halloween, of course, is getting a decent costume. And as hokey as some comics can be? Sometimes they have some pretty cool looking villains. So at least those could give him some ideas. While reading through one, he gives a small snort.]


[And throws the comic to the ground. There's quite a pile of them now, just littering the area as he tries to find something decent.]

B. Screwing Around on the Lawn of 502 Ricardo Street

[Halloween also means there needs to be Halloween decorations. Considering he hasn't found too many to his own liking at the stores, however, Pokey has taken it upon himself to make his own. So the yard is currently littered with cardboard and spray paint as Pokey tries to make his own ghoulish displays of festering zombies, vampires, and other monsters. To say Pokey isn't artistically inclined would be generous, but hey. He seems to be enjoying trying at least.

Occasionally, he takes a break to sit beside a large tarp. Underneath it is the remains of Josephine, slowly starting to come back together as the boy and those he's asked for assistance have helped him with it since the mechas destruction. He leans against it, slowly sitting beside it. It's odd. In a way, even if she still isn't complete again, the mech's presence is comforting. And he'd like to imagine that, even if he isn't working on her at the moment? His presence is in some odd way comforting to her, as if it could actually tell he was there.

And he picks up something he'd laid down at the spot, and works on it. Not a part of the mech, but something smaller. Still a device to work on, a simple one, meant just for practice and to entertain himself and, in a weird way, for nostalgia. It'd been awhile since he'd made one, and he felt like doing it just to see if he could remember it.

For anyone choosing to pass by at that moment, it looks like Pokey's making some kind of gun out of...well, a bottle of mustard. Not the most impressive thing, but it looks like it could actually function.]

C. The Drive-In Theater

[Pokey may be too young to use a car, but that's not exactly stopping him from getting into the drive-through either way and just sneaking to one of the unoccupied spots or, otherwise, leaning against one of the less attentive drones' cars. The movies still suck, as far as he's concerned, but at least their playing monster movies there which is better than the crap they play at the Atomic Cinema.

Oh. And just so you know?]

Hey! Hey stupid! Don't go in there!

[Yeah. Pokey's one of those people. So enjoy hearing some kid just shouting at the screen if you're there today.]


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