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Name: Pokey Minch
Age: 12 (true age; through accumulation do to time travel, though, he's lived about four hundred years)
Likes: Eating, Reading, Being Superior to Other People (especially Ness), Cunning Plans (the eviler the better), technology, cool animals, ordering other people around, Ness, his business suit
Dislikes: Being Inferior to Other People (especially Ness), boring animals, being ordered around by other people, Ness 

[   ] Friend's Yo-yo
[X] Business Suit
[X] Regular Clothing
[X] Physical damage from Time Distorter
[X] Time Distorter
    - [X] Movement
    - [   ] Hover/Flight System
    - [   ] Computer Systems
    - [X] Weapon System (Missiles)
    - [X] Teleportation System
    - [X] Anti-Psionic Defense Systems

Jerks I Know from Home (Castmates):

*Childhood Friend*
Tolerance Rating: 7
You know how you know some one for a long enough time, you really can't describe them to others? Yeah, that's me and Ness. I mean, I don't really know what to say for once, hard as that is to believe. We used to be neighbors, played together, chased animals, he stopped me from destroying the world, yada yada yada. You know. Usual crap.

*Future Kid*
Tolerance Rating: 2
So apparently in the future I go and destroy the world. Which, you know? Usually I would think that'd be cool. But meeting someone from the world I apparently destroy? Yeah, kinda dulling that thought there. I don't like or care about the kid, but it doesn't sound like "planetary destruction" sounds as cool as advertised when you have to put up with seeing a possible result. I.E., a big crybaby.

Jerks I Know Here:

*Best Friend Partner*
Tolerance Rating: 9
She's mean, ruthless, and in many ways entirely unreliable. And you know something? I am entirely okay with that. That's awesome in my book, since she actually has enough skill and intelligence to pull that crap off. And we work well together, so she's worth keeping around as a partner. ...I mean...it's not like I LIKE her company, or anything. That'd be stupid. 

BLU Engineer
*Father Figure Mentor*
Tolerance Rating: 9
So I met the guy because he was getting pissy that I was messing up the library. Turns out, huh, guy is an inventor, so I had to give him points with that. And you know something? Even I'll admit he's pretty cool. I mean, he isn't ME, but he's pretty awesome, and he's taught me how to make a lot of cool crap. Gotta admit. I kinda owe him one for that. 

*Magic Fairy Friend Stupid Fairy Girl*
Tolerance Rating: 6
So apparently she's some amazing little friggin' wood fairy in Ireland who came from some magical forest. Whoop-de-doo. But she does crap I can't really explain. But I mean, it isn't like it could really BE magic, or anything. That'd be stupid. But at least she's friendly and doesn't get in my way, so I can deal with that.

*Magician Friend Guy with a Hat and an Extinct Bird*
Tolerance Rating: 6
So apparently he's a little guy I met attempting to sucker people into proclaiming themselves dissidents in Maipole. Poorly. He also believes in magic, but I can kinda forgive that do to the fact that he's entertaining and amuses me, so he can stick around. He also has a dodo, so I guess that's fairly cool.

Theo Crawford
*Pragmatic Jerk Friend Rambling Town Drunk*
Tolerance Rating: 4
Yet another person who believes in magic in this friggin' town. Yawn. But at least he seems smart and practical besides that. Oh, and he's a drunk. So those are always hysterical. 

Ushiromiya Kyrie
*Mother Figure? Pragmatic Lady*
Tolerance Rating: 7
She kinda does talk to me like I'm a kid, which kind of gets on my nerves, but I guess that's kinda to be expected when you are a kid, even if you're an old and awesome one. Other then that she's smart and pragmatic, and I like that. So I guess she's another example that not every friggin' adult is a stupid chump. Which is both nice and kind of irritating.

Ash Ketchum
*Pokemon Friend Friggin' Pollyanna*
Tolerance Rating: 3
Oh my lord kid. Believe it or not, not everyone who acts like a jerk is actually some hidden nice guy who's going to eventually be redeemed. Some of us are genuine, out and out jerks. Let it friggin' drop.

*Viking Friend Guy Who Punches Cars and Isn't Afraid of Anything*
Tolerance Rating: 5
There....really isn't much to say about the guy. He is freakishly strong, curses like a sailor or, well, viking I guess in this case, and punches the crap out of things whenever he seems to want to. Which, you know? I guess that's really kind of good enough. I'm all up for smashing crap when it proves amusing.

Nigel Uno/Numbah One
*Current Boss Some Friggin' Bald Kid I Know*
Tolerance Rating: 2
Bald. And my boss. I really have nothing else but that at the moment. 

*Pokemon Friend 2 Friggin' Pollyanna 2*
Tolerance Rating: 3
Hey, you know the whole description I gave for Mr. Baseball Cap pollyanna? Yeah, pretty much the same for you. I don't get why you think I'm going to magically change if you're just nice to me. Not the way the world friggin' works.

Mickey Mouse
*Mouse Friend Pollyanna: Mouse Edition*
Tolerance Rating: 4
You're just about as bad as the two kids with the semi-cool, semi-lame monsters. But at least you're somewhat interesting when we talk sometimes. And you're a giant mouse. That's kinda interesting I guess. Makes you more entertaining to look at.

Little Slugger
Tolerance Rating: 7 1

...Yeah. Alright. Occasionally you're interesting to talk to, and you don't try to shove "love and friendship" garbage down my throat, so I have to give you points for that. Doesn't mean I don't friggin' hate you though.

*Surrogate Little Sister Twerp*
Tolerance: 9
I have no idea what's up with you kid. You'd think I'd reek bad news, even to a little twerp with you with your weird little ghost stories and crap. ...But for some reason I don't want you to get hurt or anything, so I don't get as angry AS I SHOULD at you. And you're actually sometimes fun to be around. ...I dunno what you're doing to me kid. 

Elizabetheta Buckley
*Inventor Stupid Snobby Witch*
Tolerance: 1
She's intelligent at least, and she can invent. Aside from that she's rude and condescending, and apparently thinks she can push the crap she makes off on people. To a point, I think she kinda friggin' overestimates just how smart she is. I'd like to see someone rub that in her snobby face someday. Preferably I'd like to see it done by a real complete genius like ME.

*Psychonaut Yet another friggin' psychic kid I know, whoop-de-doo*
Tolerance: 4
Apparently he's like, a psychic boyscout or some bullcrap. He's probably another one of those "oh man, let's be friends happy lalala sunshine" types too, but at least he doesn't show it as much as the others do. I can actually TALK with this one, so that's a plus. 

Shion Uzuki
*Scientist Lady Who Knows about Awesome Cyborgs and Monsters and Crap*
Tolerance: 2
Another scientist lady, and this one is an ADULT who wants to get all over me about right and wrong. Like, you know, I don't hear enough about that, or power of friendship bullcrap, from people close to my age. But she knows stuff about cyborgs and monsters fighting each other, and THAT is cool. I'll keep her around for stories just about that.

*Artificial AI Stupid Robot Woman Who Does Stupid Crap*
Tolerance: 1
Piss off and die please, you psychotic robo-freak.

Ken Hidaka
*The Siberian Some Happy Go Lucky Jerk*
Tolerance: 3
Oh my goodness, how many friggin' adults are here that believe in "power of friendship, love and piece" crap? You'd think there'd be MORE people who'd act their age in what amounts to a prison. But at least this one can actual talk to me on MY childish level sometimes. SO I guess he isn't all friggin' bad.

Jerks Who Used To Be Here (Dropped/Droned):

France Fullbright/Numbah 86
*First Friend Here Stuck Up Kid Who I Tolerated For Some Reason*
Tolerance Rating: 8
So she was my bossy, kinda-sorta irritating neighbor. But she was also competent and capable at what she did, actually introduced me to the KND, and apparently agreed with me on a bunch of crap. ...Sucks that someone that competent friggin' ended up droned. 

Harpuia Sage
*not!Brother Android Guy Who Lived Here*
Tolerance Rating: 3
Guy was supposed to be my brother for awhile. We didn't talk much, but he didn't seem to care for me PROTECTING MYSELF. Though, he kept saying he'd protect me which, even if he was supposed to be some sweet-ass cyborg? Still not fully buying. Especially since he's friggin' GONE now...

Tolerance Rating: 3
Some blathering little lunatic who kept telling me she was a ghost or some nonsense and would never. Shut. Up. ...It's certainly quieter without her, that's for sure.

*Little Holy Beast or Some Crap Annoying Thing That Followed Me*
Tolerance: 4
I have no clue what you were even supposed to be, but you were annoying and you probably would've died from sickness that one time if your stupid fluffy butt hadn't found me. ...I'll be amazed if you're alright wherever you are.

*Awesome Badass Old Man*
Tolerance Rating: 7
This guy was awesome. He had a beach in his backyard, he kicked the crap out of people when they deserved it, and he pretty much did whatever he pleased. Eve I wouldn't have minded hanging out with him more. But he's causing holy hell wherever he is now.

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