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Name: Pokey Minch
Age: 12 (true age; through accumulation do to time travel, though, he's lived about four hundred years)
Likes: Eating, Reading, Being Superior to Other People (especially Ness), Cunning Plans (the eviler the better), technology, cool animals, ordering other people around, Ness, his business suit
Dislikes: Being Inferior to Other People (especially Ness), boring animals, being ordered around by other people, Ness 

(Regains) )

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[Phone - Filtered away from Black Mage]


So, you know. I could shout and scream and rant at how people got suckered in by the town again, how I got suckered in again, how everyone got suckered in again by the town, but you know what? I actually have something more important to talk about.

Look. I dunno how many of you idiots heard, but there's a little kid here named Mindy. And, being a little kid, she thought she could fix everything by asking everyone coming together under the stupid Christmas Tree this town put up. She's just a kid, like eight or something, and so she thinks like a kid. And you know? As dumb as thinking that young is...she shouldn't have had what happened.

For those of you not in the know, some psycho killed her yesterday apparently and hung her corpse on the Christmas Tree. I don't know for sure, but I have a pretty good idea who that was, and if you'd like to have a talk with him I don't mind giving you a name and address for him.

...But she shouldn't have had what happened to her happen. Not even here, where half of us are psycho in some way anyway. A lot of us deserve to be here but she...she doesn't.

I'm not going to give her address out, not to most but...I guess what I'm asking is, if there's any chance I can get people to agree to maybe, I dunno, give her something small, like even a Christmas card or something I could give to her...I'd give it to her. The kid deserves at least that much for this bullcrap. She actually deserves a Christmas.

And you know? For what it's worth, even though I said I wasn't going to do it?

It was us the entire time. We weren't fakes. The town lied.


[Phone - Filtered to Picky]

Where. Are. You? Are you at home? You better be, and you better be safe, because I'm coming over, got it?

[Action - Locked to 945 Beulah]

[Hey folks living at 945? There's a blue-skinned, twelve-year old boy knocking at your door, a Christmas package under his arm. He kind of has a gift for his little friend, and he's damned determined to get it to her and see how she is.]

[Action - Around Town]

[Pokey can be found slowly walking around town, a large spider-mech following him. What used to be commonplace until September has only now started up again, but whereas he used to ride on the mech with gleeful abandon, destroying and smashing anything in front of him for fun, right now the walk is....calm. Like a boy having his dog, who had been sick for a while and was just now recovering, very slowly follow him.

Pokey had been pushing Josephine to her limits the last few days. Now he felt he just needed to let her recuperate. And as she follows, he says small words of encouragement.]

That's it. Just a little more girl. That's good...

[There are few things a boy has more love for than his dog, even if his dog is a giant, monstrous mech.]
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[Action; Locked to 502 Ricardo]

[Well. Someone's pissy and annoyed after last night's dream. And because of that? Pokey is loud as hell as he gets up and storms off to the kitchen, somehow making a mess as he prepares a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Just fuming.]


Oh wow you morons put two and two together. Guess what? The town is probably brainwashing you idiots into thinking people aren't here. Whatever we were promised, we didn't get zip. I can't speak for anyone else but, uh, I'm legit. So stop running around like morons acting like anyone here is a clone or something.

[Action, Around Town]

[Pokey is busing running around like a moron, trying to search out the people he knows and see who was or wasn't replaced. So far? He isn't happy about the results, and he's busy hustling through the streets pushing over anyone in his way to see who's still here.

Picky? Slugger? Yeah, he'll also be heading for both your houses soon.]

[OOC: Pokey's been erased, so he'll seem like one of those doppelgangers yep.]

58 - Phone

Nov. 29th, 2011 02:41 am
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I lived through it. All of it.

I guess when I first got here I would have said that to brag, but now I guess I want to say....I dunno. That if that's their worst? It can still be beaten.

God. I don't know. I suck at being all "blah blah hope blah blah it'll be fine" since it's usually bullcrap. But I guess I'm just saying. What happened sucked, but it's not like...the most hopeless thing ever.

They're scared. That's what I think. It's why they went this far. I dunno if we're on to something but we must have done something right to make them do something that drastic.

Because you know what I think? They're demanding we be thankful? They need us to. I don't know why yet, but it's necessary for whatever system they've got going on. Think about it. The demand for conformity, the droning to what's desired if we don't. They need us to be here and act a specific way, because if we don't....well, I dunno. I think that it's that if we exist here for long enough, not doing what they want? We compromise their system. They need us to behave a certain way or something doesn't stick, or the stability of this place'll start going off, or something.

That's what I think.

Hey. Idiots. And I'm pretty sure you know which ones I'm talking to? Not that I care or anything, but call me if you can, y'know, manage to use the phone.
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[Action - Locked to 502 Ricardo Street]

[Hey housemates. Hope none of you are wanting that turkey because the moment Pokey sees it? Yeah, he's going to be starting a fire in the fireplace and bringing the turkey with him. If you're fast enough and want to stop him, you can try to before he goes ahead and pitches the turkey into the fire.]


Hey idiots, everyone else is doing a pretty good job pointing out how this is a trap so, hey, guess that means you don't need more voices shouting it at you. I got a different question.

I'm not giving specifics about it over the phone but....is it...

[There's a pause, and a sigh, before Pokey continues in a mumble.]

Is it....wrong...to be thankful for being here?

[Action - Outside 501 Ricardo]

[Welp. He has no clue why he's doing this. Really, Pokey just doesn't want to admit it over the phone. But the asshole responsible for him being here lives right next to him. And really, this wouldn't be the first time he's ranted outside her house. Just the first time he's done it like this.]

You can bite me. Seriously. Originally I guess I would have told you that just for putting me in this hole, but since then you've given me a lot of extra reasons to tell you it too. You're a real piece of garbage, you know that you freak?

[He pauses, just staring at the house before looking at the ground.]

But on the other hand? ...I've never been happier than I have been here. Even when it's sucked, it sucked as hard as it did because things weren't bad before. Because they were, in fact, awesome as far as things for me go. The best they had ever been. And I wonder, sometimes, if you brought him here to help keep me happy. As a bribe, I guess, not because I'm important but just because you could. Doesn't matter in the end really. I'm not losing sleep over it.

...And I guess, here...I learned things about myself I really didn't want to. And...you know how they say growing up sucks? Yeah, it does. Even harder than I thought it would.

But I did it. And I realize I only did it because I'm here.


[Pokeys' hands bawl up into little fists.]

I am. I'm thankful for being here. For you bringing me here.

[And God.

Does he ever hate that.]
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Oh hey it isn't drama for once )

[Action - 502 Ricardo]

[School? Screw that. Pokey still had something important to do considering his spider mech was still practically sprawled out across the yard. It had gotten repaired some, but really being blown apart with thunder magic will do that to a robot.

But it was coming along. Over the last two months of repairs, there was some small, but noticeable, progress as the mech was slowly repaired. Which still didn't mean to slow down. Right now, Pokey's busy tinkering away on it in the front yard, a small robot scampering around to go and get tools for him when he asks for them. When the robot isn't busy tripping over it's own feet.

Or when the robot isn't running around sporadically from fear as Pokey yells at it for doing something that displeases him, just barely dodging tools as Pokey throws them at it. Either or.]

[Action - Bowling Alley]

[Pokey always thought bowling was a pretty dumb sport. After all, I mean you throw a ball and knock down pins, nothing special about that. Still, he decided he might as well try it out for once, for shits and giggles.

And actually found it pretty good for stress relief. He's really gotten into it.

At the same time, most people usually roll the balls instead of, you know, hefting it up and tossing it. They also generally stick to their own lanes, though that's something Pokey doesn't particularly give a good goddamn about that.

Yeah. Enjoy the fat kid ruining your game.]


So, okay, I've got an awesome plan, but I need to know something first.

Anyone got a TV I can hook a Super Nintendo up to? Because I need to know that before I even bother. You let me borrow your TV and, hey, I might even let you play some.

For. You know. Like maybe a half hour or something.
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Exposition Under Cut )

[Action - Mayfield High]

[Seeing Pokey bother to attend school isn't particularly odd. He plays hooky often, but he'd still show up. Usually to be obnoxious to the teachers or other students, or to pointlessly end up just falling asleep in classes.

Today? He's unusually polite. The teachers will find he's incredibly attentive, answers questions correctly and without screwing around, and sits quietly, doing absolutely nothing disruptive. For the moment? He could be an ideal student.

At lunch, he sits by himself. Which isn't out of the ordinary either. He'd usually try and sit by himself. But this time? He's tucked himself away in one of the further corners of the lunchroom, like he's trying to hide.]

[Action - Library]

[There's a boy going through each one of the books he can find. He takes one down, reads it for a little bit, and then puts it back. He does this repeatedly, methodically, almost instictively.

Sometimes, he seems to shift his glances to a certain area of the library: a specific table, or spot on the floor. And just stares for a minute or two, not noticing anything else going on around him. After a moment of this weird staring, he returns to the book he has in hand.]

[Action - Park]

[Pokey paces around the park. There's no real pattern to his exact movements, but he does seem to gravitate towards certain spots that he walks over to again and again and again. He mumbles to himself sometimes, low and usually inaudible. Sometimes it sounds like he's just grumbling. Other times, it sounds like he's imitating something someone has said to him. And others? It just sounds like he's talking to himself, saying things, mulling over things, that don't really make sense to anyone but him.

Sometimes he picks up a branch from the ground and swishes it around aimlessly, not particularly caring if he hits someone or not.

He isn't here right now.]

[Action - 502 Ricardo]

[Pokey can be found sitting at the table, studying. Not goofing off. Not having put something else in his actual textbook and reading that instead. Genuine studying and doing the homework he's been assigned, not making a single noise or distraction. Just being a good little student.

The trashcan in the kitchen seems to have been filled up, mainly with notebook paper and graph paper, detailing designs of odd little devices Pokey had thought up on his spare time. Detailing notes and ideas he had had about the town.

There was no point in keeping them. He didn't really need them any more.]
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[To say that Pokey had been feeling small since the conversations he'd had with the pod people on Tuesday wouldn't be an exaggeration. When it got to the point where he actually thought things seemed bigger? That was a bit much.

It didn't help that things seemed to be getting bigger throughout the entire day, either.]

[Action; 502 Ricardo Street]

[A slowly, increasingly shorter Pokey can be found wandering around the house early today. At first, he seems to be looking for, and gathering, a bunch of materials around the house: a couple of the chairs, a saw, some lengths of thin rope and glue. Every so often, he goes against a wall where he's been marking his height, making sure that he actually is shrinking. Each time he's found he's decreased an inch or two, he just stares at the wall. Hesitant. Uncertain.

Eventually, he can be found in the garage, cutting the legs off the chairs and measuring them before trying to tie them together. From the looks of it, he appears to be attempting to make a pair of make-shift stilts. Because that, of course, would be a practical solution to this.]

[Action; Around Town]

[By this point, Pokey is about the size of a four year old, and getting progressively smaller. This has not been a good week by any stretch of the imagination, and this? Is just making matters worse.

So have a pint-sized Pokey angrily stomping through the streets. It's clearly the town's fault that things are this bad and, so clearly, he needs to take his anger out on anything he can find that isn't another person. Be it something you have on your lawn, or your car, or your mailbox, or just tipping and kicking your trashcan down, spreading all that crap throughout the yard. He doesn't care. He's been good lately, and he needs this.

And besides. At least his size matches his temper, for once.]

[Action 2; Around Town]

[By this point, Pokey is finally only one inch tall.

And has managed to climb up your mailbox, one of the drone!cats having followed him, apparently waiting for him on the ground. Being a drone!animal, the cat won't kill him of course, but it still scared the hell out of Pokey and caused him to seek sanctuary on your mailbox.

And of course, he's still taunting and make faces at the stupid cat. Although it's fairly hard to see.]

[Action; The Park]

[By this point, night has fallen and, reserved to his fate of being only an inch tall for at least the rest of the day, Pokey had managed to make it to one of the few places he actually likes in town. He can't fully explain as to why he likes the park, he just does.

And so, the one-inch jerk managed to climb on to the bench. And just sat there for a moment. And begins to speak. By this point, his voice is so light most people wouldn't be able to hear him. Unless they were also an inch tall and happened to be there, or there sense of hearing was good enough to hear such a small noise.

He's kind of counting on not being heard for what he has to say, after all.]

In which a boy rambles pointlessly to someone long droned )
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[The day after this delightful exchange, Pokey is understandably kind of on edge. And, being Pokey, he deals with that as well as one could expect.

Which is to say, extraordinarily poorly.]

Action - 502 Ricardo
[Hey not!family. Today you'll find Pokey searching and rummaging through every square inch in and around outside the house. And I mean every square inch. He is, quite paranoidly, looking in every cupboard, out every window, in every closet, and pretty much going everywhere he can in the house, searching. Whatever he's searching for, he doesn't seem particularly content with the results.

Which is why he's also searching around everywhere outside.

Over. And over. And over again. Just going over everything repeatedly, as if expecting something to pop out at him each time or something different to happen.]

Phone - Filtered from Black Mage

So. Alright.

Let's say you have pretty ample suspicion that someone is spying on and/or stalking you. Anyone got any good ideas on, you know, how to avoid it or catch the guy doing it? Like, you've never seen the person stalking you before for certain, but you know they're there?

I mean. Not that I have a problem. It's just kind of a question of interest.

Phone - Filtered to Slugger

The jerkwad knows my name and where I live and who I know.


Phone - Filtered to Mindy

Hey. Hey squirt. I really, really need you to answer this if you here me.

I need to know. Are you the only non-drone in your house?
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So, y'know? A bunch of people are babbling about yet another stupid dance, but forgetting what's most important about this month.

Halloween. The single best holiday ever.

Which leads me to ask: does anyone actually have anything planned for it? Last year's kinda sucked, but maybe we'll get lucky and crap won't go insane this year. So let's do some kind of widespread party, or make a haunted house or something. It's the one time of year actually worth anything, so hey! Let's do something, you nerds.

[[It's odd. For once, he actually sounds excited about something.]

[Halloween is a remarkably big thing for Pokey. In a lot of ways, it's one arguably one of the few things that goes in his list of "things that make me happy". And so, even though he has until the end of the month, he clearly needs to prepare for it now. Especially after how everything went to hell in October last year, getting ready early couldn't hurt. So Pokey can be found around town doing a few things today.]

A. The Comic Shop

[One of the most important things about Halloween, of course, is getting a decent costume. And as hokey as some comics can be? Sometimes they have some pretty cool looking villains. So at least those could give him some ideas. While reading through one, he gives a small snort.]


[And throws the comic to the ground. There's quite a pile of them now, just littering the area as he tries to find something decent.]

B. Screwing Around on the Lawn of 502 Ricardo Street

[Halloween also means there needs to be Halloween decorations. Considering he hasn't found too many to his own liking at the stores, however, Pokey has taken it upon himself to make his own. So the yard is currently littered with cardboard and spray paint as Pokey tries to make his own ghoulish displays of festering zombies, vampires, and other monsters. To say Pokey isn't artistically inclined would be generous, but hey. He seems to be enjoying trying at least.

Occasionally, he takes a break to sit beside a large tarp. Underneath it is the remains of Josephine, slowly starting to come back together as the boy and those he's asked for assistance have helped him with it since the mechas destruction. He leans against it, slowly sitting beside it. It's odd. In a way, even if she still isn't complete again, the mech's presence is comforting. And he'd like to imagine that, even if he isn't working on her at the moment? His presence is in some odd way comforting to her, as if it could actually tell he was there.

And he picks up something he'd laid down at the spot, and works on it. Not a part of the mech, but something smaller. Still a device to work on, a simple one, meant just for practice and to entertain himself and, in a weird way, for nostalgia. It'd been awhile since he'd made one, and he felt like doing it just to see if he could remember it.

For anyone choosing to pass by at that moment, it looks like Pokey's making some kind of gun out of...well, a bottle of mustard. Not the most impressive thing, but it looks like it could actually function.]

C. The Drive-In Theater

[Pokey may be too young to use a car, but that's not exactly stopping him from getting into the drive-through either way and just sneaking to one of the unoccupied spots or, otherwise, leaning against one of the less attentive drones' cars. The movies still suck, as far as he's concerned, but at least their playing monster movies there which is better than the crap they play at the Atomic Cinema.

Oh. And just so you know?]

Hey! Hey stupid! Don't go in there!

[Yeah. Pokey's one of those people. So enjoy hearing some kid just shouting at the screen if you're there today.]
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A.On Patridge Street
[Hey Patridge Street. You might have noticed that, since Sunday, there's been something that looks just like a massive wreck firmly placed in the middle of the street. It's hard to tell what the hell it could have been at first, some kind of vehicle obviously, but otherwise indecipherable with how much the thing has been wrecked. Bits and pieces of metal and machine work have been flung all around the street, with one massive ball of twisted, burnt metal at the center of it.

Next to this metal is a young boy, about twelve, just squatting in front of it. Staring at it, emptily. Lost.

Occasionally, he puts a hand against the ruined metal hull of whatever it had been. But he never says a word.

Bug him?]

B. Phone

[There's a small sighing sound, like someone trying to gather their courage before speaking. And then.]


I know I'm not, like, the best person in the world, or the most tolerable in this hole, but.....look, I just....

[Pokey stops again, taking a few breaths before quickly just getting it out.]

I need help.

Anyone been to Partridge Drive? You know that giant hunk of blasted scrap metal over there? Yeah. That scrap metal is mine. Thing is, I'm not strong enough to....you know. Move it over to my house so I can fix it. So I need people who can...help move it to my house.

And...I might need some help, with some of the finer mechanical parts for being who're scientifically inclined. I mean, I can do most of it, don't get me wrong, I can do it pretty much by myself but....not all of it.

[Agitated. Defeated. Drained. The boy's voice is pretty hollow after all that's happened this week, to be honest.]

...I don't have much to offer. I guess....all I can do is say I owe whoever helps me one and...pay them back someway that way. I mean...I've got a lot of talents so hey it shouldn't be too hard but....

I need help.

[And then one last breath before finally, he's able to manage out.]

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Zombies huh?

Least the town gave us something easy this time to deal with. Like I guess it's scary if you've never seen or dealt with zombies before, but even then it isn't hard. Most cases you could practically just push them over and it'll get rid of 'em.

Course, you idiots are probably gonna freak anyway. Even then, if you at least get in a group, you should be able to do well enough that you'll survive. Maybe. Some of you. Really, just stay out of range of them. If you can keep ahead of them, you've got a good chance of not dying.

Hey! Slugger!

Bet I can put down more of them than you can.

[Filtered to Mindy]

Are you at home? If you are, or wherever you are, stay there and stay out of sight. I'm coming over to get you some place safe.


[Feel free to notice the large spider-mech stomping around Mayfield today, and the absurdly happy, fat kid riding on top of it as the mech stomps and trudges around the town, stomping down drone-zombie after drone-zombie with abandon.

Yeah. Pokey pretty clearly sees teh current event as being as much of a game as anything.]
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[Well, Pokey wasn't really expecting a regain again, considering he couldn't think of much he had left that the town could give. Even less that he could possibly want. So he wasn't exactly ecstatic when he opened the small envelope.

And just stared for a moment at the picture for a moment, frowning. It isn't much longer before there's a horrible crashing sound, as an absolutely totaled helicopter appears on the front lawn of 502 Ricardo Street, now neatly embedded in one of the trees on the lawn. Pokey just takes a moment to move between scowling at it and nearly laughing.]

Well. That figures. Got you back the way I left you, huh?


[If you're passing by 502 Ricardo Street, feel free to notice the utterly destroyed helicopter sitting on the front lawn, as well as the kid crawling around it with a toolbox. He seems to be trying to figure out some way to repair it, but he's struggling. Pokey more or less seems to really just be fiddling with things, than actually making any real effort to bother fixing it.

Bug him?]

[Phone - Locked to kids who had been in the KND]

Hey. Geniuses. If you're still here, and you're still interested in the KND or not, I need to talk to you right now. I need to know who's still in and who's out, because we need to get things organized again. You want out, that's fine, but if you're still with it on this then we need to get things moving, and I need to know.
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[He doesn't feel guilt. At all. It's not Pokey's fault his new "sister" ended up drinking the milk last time. And besides, what happened to her wasn't so bad. It was just a hallucination. So there was no reason at all to feel bad for having let her drink it.

But he does. He can't stop it. He does. So that's why he guesses he ended up drinking it today, despite knowing just how stupid that was of him.

And then? He just felt....weird.]

[Well, someone got hormone free milk today! Feel free to find Pokey going through a variety of emotions throughout town.]

A. Overwhelming Happiness

[My god. He just feels wonderful. And Pokey really just can't contain it. It's a light and bubbly and free feeling, and he can't help but find ways to express it. In ways he'd usually find pretty stupid, but you know what? He doesn't care. For the most part, he can be found just strolling down the street, humming to himself happily which is just bizarre if you know who he is. Or you can find him chasing birds at the park, laughing happily to himself as he waves his arms, scaring them and forcing them to scatter. Or you can find him at the playground at school, despite it being closed, tearing ass around the playground. He especially seems to like the swings, standing up on the seat as he swings to and fro, laughing.]

B. Crushing Despair

[Hey is that a fat kid just nearly bawling his eyes out in public, despite his best efforts to hide it by scrunching up beside a building or trying to duck into an alleyway.

Yep. Sure is. Dear lord is he crying.]

C. Insane Rage

[Oh look it's a giant spider mech stomping down the street. And on your car. And smashing your mailbox. Hey. At least the thing isn't destroying houses.


D. Unremarkably Morose; locked to 502 Ricardo Street

[Hey other residents. Feel free to notice that Pokey is at the kitchen table. Just sitting there. Writing. He appears to be writing a list of names, and descriptions of people. And occasionally? He takes off a small, plastic four-leaf clover pin he has attached to the lapel of his shirt and stares at it.]

47 - Action

Aug. 6th, 2011 01:12 pm
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[Well, Pokey certainly hadn't been expecting to get anything in the mail today, especially since he hadn't gotten anything for the last event. So seeing the child-sized crate on his lawn took him slightly by surprise.

Which didn't stop him at all from opening it. And just staring, dully, at its contents.]

A. Action; Locked to 502 Ricardo Street

[Hey housemate(s?). Feel free to notice the fact that there's a child-sized, humanoid robot currently busy cleaning the kitchen. Exactly how much progress it's making is somewhat debatable, considering it's working on cleaning the dishes and has a 1-1 record on successfully cleaning a dish, and accidentally breaking on.]

B. On the front porch of 502 Ricardo Street

[Well, it's lunch time, and for most kids, that means sandwiches. So nothing odd to see here. It's just a blue-skinned boy and his robot, having some sandwiches.

Or, uh, the robot is. Pokey finished his and is currently staring at the bologna sandwich the robot seems to be eating. It isn't long before his hand goes for it, trying to take it away from the robot. The robot doesn't seem very eager to let him have it.]

Let go! You're a robot! You don't need it as much as I do!

C. Grocery Shopping

[If you're at the grocery today, feel free to notice the kid sitting in a shopping cart as it's being pushed by a robot. They can first be found just tearing around the parking lot, the kid standing up in the cart as the robot pushes it, laughing his ass off and demanding for the robot to go faster. Of course, this ends relatively quickly when the robot accidentally runs the cart into something, knocking Pokey back on his ass into the cart.

When they actually do go into the store, it doesn't go much better. Pokey's at least realized it's a good idea to be out of the cart by this point. Which was a smart move. Considering there's so much more to possibly ram into, the robot is having a harder time maneuvering the cart, and ends up ramming it into something, be it an aisle, or a display, or another cart, every few seconds. Pokey, of course, decides to help the robot the best way he knows how.]

Oh wow, amazing. Yeah. You can't even work a shopping cart right. I'm really glad I got you back.
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You know something? Since the rest of you are all letting crap off your chest? Yeah, there's something I gotta say. And I've thought it a lot, but I've never said it. And I think I oughta.

[A small beat. Then...]

I deserve to be here. With all the evil junk I've done, yeah. I belong here. Cause I'm a dangerous little nutbag.

Talk of evil and misdeeds go here )

So yeah. Kinda deserve this, or any punishment I get.
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”Love )

A. On the Lawn/Garage of 502 Ricardo Street

[Hey, is that an explosion Ricardo Street? Sure is!

Feel free to notice the fact that the garage of 502 seems to have been set on fire. Also feel free to notice the chubby, blue-skinned boy running out of the garage to turn the hose on and try to put the fire he carelessly set out.

Help him/annoy him?]

B. Streetcorner, Outside the General Store

[Notice the kid now sitting on the corner outside the general store, a pack of cigarettes in hand. It was pretty easy getting them considering he just needed to say he was buying them for his dad. And you know something? After putting up with a year of this, he deserves to be allowed to try something adult like this. Why not? He’s gone through worse things for his health.

Feel free to find him either about to light up, or right after when the little moron is hacking his lunges out, dropping the cigarette to the ground. Of course, after he finishes coughing he’ll be trying again.]

C. Phone

So I’ve been here a year. And in a year, I think I’ve actually managed to kinda-sorta learn something. Which is, I guess, that people are both nowhere near as bad as I thought they were, and a lot frickin’ worse. So. Do I get a medal now?

….Anyway think something like Maipole will happen again this year, or are we in the clear?

D. Late at night, outside the Dairy

[If you happen to be walking the streets of Mayfield late at night for some reason, you’ll notice Pokey chucking rocks at the Dairy way after curfew. He doesn’t really seem to notice anyone else around him; he just seems intent on acting out on his anger.]
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[Hey, guess who finally got put into a job, due to being a young teen? And lucky him, he gets to work as an usher at the theater. It's stupid, and pointless, but hey. It's something to do, right? So he might as well do it.

You can find Pokey doing the following today.]

A. Theater Job Prompts

A1. [Hey, you know how you're trying to watch the movie? Well, have fun trying to watch the movie when a flashlight ends up shining in your eyes, and a young voice says in a mockingly chipper tone.]

Ticket please.

[He thought this was funny as hell the first few times he did it. Clearly it'll be funny as hell however many times he does it.]

A2. [Hey look, the fat usher kid is doing something fairly expected and trying to sneak behind the snack counter to get himself something.

Stop him/point him out/irritate him?]

A3. [Oh hey, you accidentally lost something in the dark of the theater. Who knows, who cares how, you just need help finding it. Or maybe the movie's over and it's time for the usher to, you know, actually help get people out. But like hell he's doing that. Where is the little bastard.

In the very back seats of the theater, sleeping. That's where he'd be.]

B. On the Lawn of 502 Ricardo Street

[For those of you new here, hi. Feel free to notice the giant spider-like mecha that's currently on the lawn. Also feel free to notice the fat, blonde kid climbing around on it, apparently checking it. For once, Pokey's actually bothering to look Josephine/his mech over and due maintenance. Which, really, he should've been doing on a more consistent schedule, but hey. At least he got around to it sometime.]


So, with Father's Day coming up on Sunday, gotta know.

Did anyone here actually get along with their father?
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A. Locked to Residents of 502 Ricardo

[Oh hey, look who's back from his trip to the island? Also looks who's continuing to rummage through every medicine cabinet, and just plain cabinet in the house that he can find? Yep. Right shoulder is still broken like a motherfucker, and he's looking for where he put the painkillers.]

B. Phone

So hey. I currently have reason to be suspicious of going to the hospital, so I'm wondering if there's any healer types or some crap in town who'd be willing to have someone come to their house or go to someone's house? My stupid friggin' arm is busted. I don't know if I can fully pay for help immediately, but give me time and I'll pay it off.

[A pause. A long one, like he forgot to hang up the phone. And then.]

Hey. Stupid. You know who you are.

[Another pause. ...He's sorry.]

Nothing personal. So don't blame me for what happened.

Phone - Filtered to Mindy

Are you alright? I'm sorry I didn't get to keep checking in but....you're okay, right?

Phone - Filtered to Little Slugger


Thanks. For helping me out a few days ago. Thank you.


May. 16th, 2011 12:57 am
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[After nearly a year stuck in town, Pokey's kind of figured out the flow of the town. And with the census' having come in, he already knows shit is about to go down. So now? Screw it. It's time to enjoy whatever time he has left to play.

He can be found around town today messing around in several ways.]

A. Grocery Shopping

[If you happen to be doing any shopping at the general store/grocery store today, feel free to notice the fat kid pushing a cart around and apparently doing some grocery shopping himself. Of course, when Pokey grocery shops, he goes for items you'd expect of a kid his size: cookies, sugary cereal, pretty much anything sweet or fattening that he can get his hands on. He also carelessly tosses away anything that he doesn't want. So yeah. Feel free to possibly have a box of something he deems lame accidenttaly thrown at your face.]

B. Grocery Store Parking Lot

[Remember how Pokey was grocery shopping? Well, he's found another use for his cart.

Specifically, he runs a bit, getting momentum, before putting his feet up on the bottom carrying part of the cart. And he is just tearing ass like this all over the parking lot, not really giving a damn. Sure, it's kinda stupid, but hell. It's fun too.

Of course, he's also not really watching where he's going. So there's a good chance Pokey might be smashing his cart into your car.

Or maybe you.]

C. At the Cinema

[Nothing better then a day at the cinemas, huh? Even if, you know. The movies are always the same. Well, the audience isn't exactly the same as it usually is.

If you happened to go to the movies today, you're probably going to have a hard time ignoring the kid near the front, considering he's loudly heckling and making a ruckus at the movie.]

D. At the Comic Shop

[Pokey usually didn't read comics, but hey, why not? This place is stupid as hell, and probably about to get a lot worse. So why not? He'll read some here, and get some to take home. And by "get some to take home", I mean he's occasionally looking around before quickly stuffing one in his coat, hoping no one caught him.

When he's not busy stealing, he's actually actively reading one. Specifically a Batman one. He doesn't think much of it until he stops and flips back a page on the comic he's reading at the moment, and stares. His eyebrows go wide for a moment, just staring.]

Oh, no way.....

E. At the Park with his BB Gun

[Well, to cap off his busy day, Pokey can be found in the park, having set up a couple of cans on one of the benches and continuing to practice with the BB gun he has at actually shooting.

He's still not great, but he's improved from last time. For once, it seems he's actually practicing and learning something.]


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