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Who: Pokey Minch and Open
When: Throughout the day on
Where: Throughout the neighborhood, later in the day at the wishing pond
Summary: Pokey nearly has a heart attack at being brought to a new world, decides to explore it a little and try to get some answers from people, later he's grumpy at the wishing pond.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings:Maybe language, bitter grumpy teenager
Pokey waits until he's done flipping his shit before he leaves the house to get answers.

The fact that he's in yet another world again - what, this makes it four? - isn't the problem. Well. It is.
But it's one that he'll just have to deal with like he always has. What's unnerving is the structure of the house. It's not like Mayfield, not that much. But similar. Similar to the point of comfort. And that immediately makes him uncomfortable. Makes him realize that he has to get out for now, for a minute to clear his head or he's going to faint.

He looks in a mirror before he goes. Still him. Still sixteen. Still human-ish. The barite stone is still jutting out of his neck, just like it did in Waverly Bay, so he's still probably a stupid gem? Does he have powers? He imagines a pad of paper and a pen in his hands. They materialize. Cool. He at least has the item creation, he can wait on figuring out if he has the others. Time to go out.

There are a few things that catch his attention as he heads out. The place definitely isn't exactly
like Mayfield. It has character in its design and what's around it, unlike the uniformity that Mayfield enforced. That's comforting, in a way, to know he hasn't just been brought back into some weird loop. What's also comforting is when he sees another person - you - and starts snapping his fingers in the air at you.
"You," he says, a little tired, a little worn the fuck down by all this, "Hey, sorry to be a bother, but I'm the newest abductee. You live here or 'work' here?"

The different food trees, too, are interesting. He's not going to eat that crap right away, mind you. He knows how these places work. He's not enough of a sucker to just go for that.

Except maybe that canned bean tree. He just plucks one and looks it over for a minute, before muttering "This probably isn't poison, at least."

His journey of fucking around for the day finally takes him to the wishing pond in the meadow. He just looks at it, incredulously, for a few minutes. Staring it down, as if challenging it. A challenge he apparently loses when he chooses to pick up one of the stones and toss it into the lake.

He's quiet a moment, before snorting, "Well. That was a bust."
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