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Pokey Minch

Canonpoint: Directly after the end of Earthbound/CRAU (Mayfield/MLJ/Cosmos)
Age: 16
Wish: "I don't want to be the last survivor anymore."
Result: Pokey may choose one person close to him and take damage in their place, up to a killing blow.
Weapon: Round Shield, Red and Black Striped, with a small pig snout centerpiece POWER UPDATE: The Shield can be flung like a boomerang
Outfit: TBA


»The passive ability that, each day, he can choose to take on the physical pain of someone close to him. The person must be someone Pokey personally knows and cares about, and Pokey must be in near them/within eyesight of them. So long as these requirements are met, any injury of physical damage done to that person, up to a killing blow, is inflicted on Pokey instead. Pokey can choose a different person to guard this way each day, but once he selects someone for a day, it will remain that person without change.
» a dome barrier ten feet across. Once put up, this barrier can protect against damn near everything; in most cases, it'd be impenetrable. One could go so far as to say it's absolutely safe within the barrier. There are, however, several caveats to it:
-Once the dome is up, it's up, and it isn't moving. While others inside the barrier can move around in it, the barrier itself is, by all definition, stationary. There can be no movement of it itself. If the people within want to move, the barrier must be taken down and put back up. After taking the barrier down, Pokey must wait three minutes before throwing it back up again.
-No one inside the barrier can affect anything outside of the barrier. Just as nothing can affect the barrier from without, neither can anything from within. If people inside the barrier try to use powers that wouldn't naturally be limited by walls or barriers (psionics, mind control, ect.), they'll find that their powers nonetheless fail as long as they remain inside the barrier.
-Pokey must remain at the center of the barrier. The barrier can stay up so long as Pokey is conscious and remains at it's middle and thus the 'safest' part of the barrier. If Pokey himself moves out of the middle of the barrier, the barrier drops immediately.
-Naturally, if Pokey falls asleep, is knocked unconscious, or is killed by anyone within the barrier, the barrier will drop.
>>Spider Legs: Pokey can sprout four thin spider legs from his back that allow for extra maneuverability and the ability to climb up and down surfaces. 
>>Music Combos: So long as Pokey can keep a beat, he can deal a series of telekinetic strikes to an opponent up to five feet in front of him. The combo can go on for four hits. Otherwise he can make dumbass music follow him around.
>>Minor Teleportation: Pokey can teleport to a location within 15ft and as long as it is within line of sight. 



I'm cool with most things, though if it's something incredibly serious (such as death), please take it up with me first.


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