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Player Info:
Name: James
Timezone: Central
Contact: plurk - nathander

Character Info:
Name: Pokey Minch
Age: Canonically 12-13 and then unchanging and immortal, due to time in games however and trading in/surrendering his immortality he's aged up to 15
AU/PG/Canon/OC: AU. Specifically CRAU from the game Mayfield_RPG where he stayed 2 1/2-3 years and then to MyLittleJamjar more recently; the canon point he is taken from is shortly after Earthbound/Mother 2.

* Pokey Minch was a spoiled, mean, cruel little boy from a broken home who hated his stupid family, town, and neighbor and took the first chance to betray everything he got when he was offered the opportunity to hench for an alien warlord named Giegue. This whirlwind of betrayal and pointman for an alien invasion opened his career opportunities as he worked as the head of a religious cult, a business advisor, and a fucking henchman for an evil alien.

* After working with said evil alien went to hell, Pokey proceeded to take some of the technology he was given/had stolen and traveled through time and space, eventually becoming a terrible, world destroying warlord himself until his defeat by the hands of another group of adventurers he'd wrong and him holing up in a device meant to keep him safe for all eternity.

* Or not! Instead, this Pokey was plucked from the timeline shortly after his initial defeat alongside Giegue when he was transported to Mayfield. And when I say 'transported' I actually mean he was copied onto a base A.I. as an artificial copy of the actual Pokey Minch into the virtual world of Mayfield! Kid's got everything about Pokey, but he's still just a copy.

* Over his years in Mayfield Pokey was softened by a combination of his own helplessness and blooming empathy dying six times had a funny way of helping understand the kind of pain other people could feel, and was further grown by the unexpected help, kindness, and love he experienced from other people there.

* Though still an asshole, Pokey at least began to develop into a stronger, better human being thanks to his experiences in Mayfield. And then he got pulled out of the place he had come to love because of the people there and was stuck in a dumb horse town and turned into a dragon, though only a baby one so it isn't really that cool. Kid was pretty set on distancing himself from everything and everyone there at first, but he's coming around.

* Until getting dragged even further away from the places and people he cares about and plopped down here.

If you went through all the dictionaries in the world, and looked up the word “brat”, at least one would have the have the statement “see POKEY MINCH”.

Pokey is, to put it in the shortest way possible, a version of “that kid”. You probably knew “that kid” during your elementary and middle school days, because you tried as best as you could to avoid “that kid”. That’s because “that kid” was generally socially inept in one of many distinct ways. In Pokey’s case, it’s because he’s loud and obnoxious, usually in a self-serving manner. He tends to poke his nose into everyone’s business when given the chance, and if something about that business should interest him, he won’t shut up or back off on it. Pokey also has the bad habit of being clingy to his “friends”. And, by friends, it’s meant people who will tolerate him or have the goodwill to actually bother giving him a chance to show there’s something worthwhile about himself. Unfortunately, because he’s “that kid”, this also means Pokey is also one of the universes’ biggest buttmonkeys, and he’ll almost always let down the people who give him a chance due to his own incompetence/inability to work with other people or show he has any ability to connect or deal with them. Really, that’s what you’d get out of Pokey Minch at first glance: “that kid” you always tried so hard to ignore because he was overbearing, socially pathetic, and clumsy and unlikeable.

Thing is, that’s but a surface glance at who Pokey Minch is. Underneath the socially inept, bratty exterior lies the mind of a fairly cruel, self-serving schemer and opportunist. Truth be told, there’s only one person Pokey openly looks out for (despite debatably at times his younger brother Picky), and that’s Pokey Minch. Most things Pokey does, he does because he believes he can benefit from it. Pokey is willing and capable of lying and weaseling to others to try and put himself in the best position possible at the moment. And, for all his usual social faults, Pokey is a rather accomplished liar, at least most of the time. If there’s anything Pokey is truly a master at, it’s lying and creating tall tales in order to try and capitalize on his current position and get out of trouble.

Which isn’t entirely fair. Truth be told, Pokey is fairly intelligent for a boy his age, although it doesn’t show that often despite his constant boasting about it. Pokey is capable, at times, of crafting fairly cunning schemes and plans, as well as setting up back-up plans. During the course of the game, Pokey displays the fact that he’s rather intelligent and a skilled liar/schemer in two instances. The first is his involvement with The Happy Happyists, a cult that wants to turn everything blue (due largely in part to the influence of Giygas, an alien overlord Pokey chose to side with). In this instance, Pokey was able to impress the cult’s leader, Mr. Carpainter, enough that Pokey was given the title and authority of a high priest within the cult. A second time was in the city of Fourside, where Pokey and his father Alyosious were found working for an entrepreneur in the city named Mr. Monotelli. In many ways, this shows that Pokey’s father was taking advantage of his son’s skill/intelligence (and, most likely unbeknownst to Pokey’s father, the aid Pokey was also receiving from Giygas) for his own personal gain.

There are also a few instances where Pokey shows he has a minor knack for technology. While far from being the biggest genius ever, Pokey displayed that he was apparently capable of flying a helicopter as a means of escape from Fourside after his plans failed without having any previous experience doing such. Of course, he ended up also crashing the helicopter in mire of the Deep Darkness after it ran out of fuel due to his own negligence, but that’s another story. Another example of this apparent knack and ability to easily work with mechanical devices/crafts is near the end of the game, where Pokey shows up in a newly gotten spider-mech to help Giygas in stopping the Chosen Four, the heroes of the game. Pokey is able to pilot the mech with quite a bit of proficiency, which is impressive considering it was supposedly the first time he’d used it. It implies, in a way, that while Pokey may struggle to make something himself, he seems to very easily figure out how something works once he actually gets his hands on it. If he actually had the willpower or the drive to make, he possibly could, but the fact that he doesn't himself continues to display some of his worse traits: namely the fact that he's lazy and a thief.

Despite being intelligent, clever, and somewhat talented, Pokey has something massive holding him back. Unsurprisingly, it’s the other half of his personality. And this part truly does fall in line with the “that kid” description that he appeared to be on the surface, although a darker reflection of it. Like “that kid”, Pokey desperately wants to be noticed, and he’ll go to any means necessary to get attention from others. This is a good deal of his reasoning for the behavior he displays. While he’d love for people to like him, if he can’t get that he’ll accept fear and hatred as an alternative as long as someone is paying attention to him and what he’s doing. Pokey craves attention, and it doesn’t particularly matter if what he ultimately gets is good attention or not as long as he gets it. More often then not, the attention he gets is negative due to his behavior. The loud and obnoxious front isn’t really a front at all, but genuinely a part of who he is. Part of him honestly thinks he is as great as he says he is, and wants to force others to acknowledge just how amazing he is. And if someone disagrees with him, either on his perception of himself or anything else, they’re dead wrong. It is just utterly inconceivable to Pokey that he may not be right about something.

He also, unsurprisingly, has quite the temper. If people disagree with Pokey enough, or refuse to give in to what he wants or believe him, he’s prone to flying into temper tantrums. Occasionally these can escalate to the point of flat out and out screaming and, in severe cases, him deciding to break something. The fact that he’s more then capable of getting physically violent when things don’t go his way isn’t surprising, as one of the main role models he had in his life was his father, who’s implied to have been a relatively violent man. And this, in and of itself, has created a small love of destruction in Pokey. When he’s angry, there really isn’t anything that makes him happier then smashing something in order to relieve his anger.

Pokey is also rather cynical for a child his age, most likely due to the way he was raised. For instance, when Ness, the hero of the story and Pokey’s neighbor/”best friend” is initially told about Giygas’ approach and that Ness and his friends will have to be the one to defeat Giygas, Pokey immediately backs down from the possibility of being one of the people to help facilitate this, proclaiming that something as powerful as Giygas could never be beaten and that fighting against it would be pointless. Thus, in the face of a great enough adversity, Pokey is more likely to back down from the challenge then to try and work against it. Or, in Pokey’s case, he also ultimately chose to work with what he perceived to be the far stronger force. At some point, most likely shortly after Ness had chosen to go and fight Giygas, Giygas offered Pokey the chance to work as Giygas’ right hand, which Pokey accepted, both as a means to get back at the people who he had perceived had wronged him (which it turns out was just about everyone) and as a means, most likely, to protect himself. Pokey is also capable of being fairly cruel. He can be short and callous in conversations, as well as insulting if he thinks the situation calls for it, which is most times. He has no problem letting others take the fall for him if given the chance to make that happen, and he seems to possess very little empathy in regards to hurting others. In canon, he’s done things such as kidnapping, and gone so far as to try and destroy the planet.

Along with everything else, Pokey also demonstrates a childish view of moral issues, such as good and evil. If Pokey gets the idea of morally gray, he doesn’t show it, and believes most things to be a case of good guys versus bad guys, with himself planted firmly in the side of the bad guy. In a way, he also views this idea of “good guys vs. bad guys” as a game as much as it is a real struggle. Throughout much of Earthbound, he approaches a lot of what he does as both serious and yet frivolous. Pokey appears to understand that what he’s doing is wrong, but doesn’t see any need to stop it because it’s A) fun and B) he clearly expects everyone else is impressed and having fun as well, and if they’re not they’re babies. He completely misses just how severe what he’s doing is, at least while he’s doing it. At the same time? Perhaps part of him realized Ness was going to win in the end, like he always did in their other games, and thus felt like there was no problem behaving the way he did because he was going to lose anyway, and therefore there was no harm in what he did. And in the end, maybe that’s all it amounted to to Pokey: yet another game between him and Ness. Although, all things considered with what was going on? That’s doubtful.

Despite his cruelty, his self-serving obnoxiousness, and his childishness, there is one last layer below that that shows who Pokey really is. Deep down, Pokey is an extraordinarily lonely, sad, and frightened boy. While his family was well-off financially for the most part, his mother was primarily negligent and his father abusive. Much of what Pokey does and the way he behaves he arguably does as a self-defense mechanism. This would explain why he would immediately bow before things that seem stronger then him: it’s essentially his way of saying “please don’t hit me”. Of course, Pokey can’t let others know just how weak he is at his core, so he does his best to dress it up and hide it from everyone else, which accounts for much of his outward behavior. This is hardly to say Pokey doesn’t mean the way he behaves, but there’s a very specific reason for why he behaves that way. In many ways, his behavior is the reactions of a weak little boy flailing and trying to keep himself safe. He doesn’t want to be the way he is, and deep down he doesn’t like the way he is, but that way is simply who he is, and he’ll work with it and be it, because it does work for him. Kinda.

And really, in the end? What choice does he have. No one would like him anyway.

While a good deal of this behavior has remained the, quite a bit of Pokey's hardness has changed thanks to his years in Mayfield. While still often mean spirited and cynical, the boy has learned to open up at least some to other people. Having experienced pain and hurt in several ways that he otherwise thought would be fine to inflict on others, he's also learned empathy, to at least some degree, that has come to hold him back from outright malice. The boy is, in fact, capable of friendship and love at this point, though only among people who he manages to become truly close to - which, having become a possibility in and of itself, is amazing. The boy has shifted, in a way, from a strict "Neutral Evil" alignment to a pure "Neutral" stance. Still, he's a con-man and opportunist at his core, and that'll continue to show for quite some time and to those people who he doesn't let in. He still has some growing to do.

Gem Considerations:
For Pokey, the gem I'm considering is Barite, which will be placed on Pokey's throat. Considering how much of Pokey's in-game development in his previous games of Mayfield and My Little Jamjar have been about Pokey coming to terms with opening up to others and learning more of friendship, as well as becoming more honest with himself, I think the aspects associated with Barite could be appropriate to what he himself is learning. His trajectory for his character will be much as it has been in his other games - learning to open up more. Another big one will be coming to terms that, yes, he can have a life without being an evil piece of shit outside of Mayfield, and that Mayfield wasn't just a fluke with people coming to like him.

Power Considerations:

* Invisibility - I think this would be a good choice considering Pokey's own cowardice and tendency to hide rather than openly confront except when he really needs to

* Healing - Considering healing and restoration are aspects of Barite, it'd make sense for Pokey to develop some form of healing. It'd also stress his growth in acknowledging and interacting with others, since it's a power that naturally has application outside himself.

* Astral Projection - Considering Pokey's own time/space jumping shenanigans, and Barite's use as a catalyst for astral projection, I thought it might be fitting as a later power that he develops the ability to astrally project - that being, taking a spiritual, bodily detached form that isn't constrained by material objects/boundaries, but also unable to interact with them in such a form.

Considering Pokey has never had innate supernatural powers, and Pokey's own tendency to overreact when handed authority and power, the teen could easily go a little power mad. I wanted to keep his powers to utility/helping ones because 1) an emphasis on his growth of opening and interacting with others and 2) Pokey is a cowardlover, not a fighter. It'd make more sense for him to have abilities that lack a combat function.

Sample from early Mayfield Pokey
Sample from late game Mayfield
Recent Sample from My Little Jamjar


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